Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is the most efficient and comprehensive JPEG and JPG repair software that helps you restore corrupt JPEG and JPG files. This JPEG file repair software helps you fix JPEG file in all corruption scenarios. You can repair corrupt JPEG files stored on memory cards, memory sticks, compact flash cards, and computer hard drives.

It posses a wide range of features to ease the corrupt image repair process, which includes the following ones-

  • Works well with Microsoft Windows 7, 2008 Server, Vista, and XP.
  • Repairs and restores the 'Thumbnails' of JPEG and JPG image files.
  • Shows preview of repairable JPEG and JPG files, even in free demo version.
  • Interactive and simple graphical user interface to offer Do-It-Yourself recovery.
  • Repairs corrupt JPEG files on camera memory, memory cards, memory sticks, flash cards, USB drives, and hard drives.

The software is capable of handling all image file corruption scenarios, which can be any of the following ones-

  • Image file header corruption.
  • Improper editing of the file header.
  • Structure of the JPEG or JPG file is corrupt.
  • Virus, spy ware, or other malicious program infection.
  • Encoding of image files is not proper and is unreadable.
  • You are getting various error messages while opening the file.
  • Storage media itself is corrupted and Windows is unable to read files.

Stellar's advanced JPEG file repair software is designed for Microsoft Windows 7, 2008 Server, Vista, and XP. The JPG file repair software works with both JPEG and JPG files, as both the file formats use same encoding. This read only software restores all your valuable images to its original format as of its non-destructive conduct.

This corrupt file repair software comes equipped with interactive and intuitive graphical user interface to help you ensure easy JPG file repair. The application previews repairable files in the form of 'Thumbnails'. JPG repair process of the software is pretty quick and simple so that you do not require sound technical skills to use it.

Download and use free demo version of this software to explore its features and user interface. The evaluation version also helps you check the effectiveness of the product.

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Purchase Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software to repair and restore corrupt JPEG and JPG files in all corruption scenarios. The software restores your valuable images from memory card, hard drive, USB drives, hard drives, flash drives, and memory sticks.

We recommend you to try the free demo version before you purchase the full version. If you are satisfied with the results of the evaluation version, then buy full version and restore your precious JPEG and JPG images.

Product Features

Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair is the best JPG repair software ever made. This flagship software works in practically every JPEG/JPG file corruption scenarios. It has a number of comprehensive features, which include the following ones-

  • JPG File Repair- The software repairs and restores corrupt JPEG files from a wide range of storage media including computer hard drives, USB drives, flash memory, memory cards, and memory sticks. It is capable of performing JPG file repair in nearly every corruption situations.
  • Compatibility With Windows Versions- The effective utility fixes JPEG files on all major versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows 7, Server 2008, XP, and Vista.
  • Interactive User Interface- It has an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) to offer easy recovery. You need not to have sound technical skills and prior experience of using this software to repair JPG files.
  • Effective Algorithms- This software uses the most efficient recovery algorithms to perform thorough scan of the storage media and restore corrupted files. The utility can recover even the completely unreadable JPEG and JPG files.
  • Read-Only Conduct- This tool does not interfere with the original size, color, resolution, and format of the file as it uses non-destructive recovery algorithms. The restored file does not have any kind of encoding and format changes.
  • Preview of Repairable Files- The software lets you see the preview of all the files before you actually restore them. This feature is available even in demo version of JPEG file repair software.
  • Repair and Restore Thumbnails- It has an 'Extract Thumbnail' feature that enables you to restore the thumbnail of corrupt JPG or JPEG file. You can use this feature for all or selected images.
  • Restore Files at Specified Location- This tool allows you to restore the repaired file at user-specified location. You can save the repaired image on computer hard drive, Memory card, USB drive, or any other secondary storage media.
  • Demo Version- JPG repair tool is available in free evaluation version that works similar to the full version, except saving the repaired files. You can check product features and functionality in this version.

If you are facing JPEG or JPG file corruption problem, nevertheless of the reason of corruption, download and use free demo version of the application. Buy full version of this software when you get desired results with the evaluation version.

Product Specification

Software Details:

  • Product Name- Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair
  • Product Version- 1.0
  • Product Component- Downloadable Executable File
  • Supported File Formats- JPEG and JPG

System Requirements:

  • Processor- Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • Operating System- Microsoft Windows Vista, 2008 Server, Vista, and XP
  • Memory (RAM)- 1 GB (Minimum)
  • Free Disk Space- 50 MB for Software Installation

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