JPEG and JPG files have two parts, which are- Header part and Scan part. The header part is just .5% or the file and rest is the scan part. Header is the most complex and significant part of an image file that store essential information about the image. Under some circumstances, header of a JPEG or JPG file may get damaged and it refuses to open. In such situations, you need to repair JPEG file to get your significant file back.

If header of a JPEG file is corrupted, the entire file gets damaged. You can identify such type of corruption by the error messages that you get while opening. A corrupt header of JPEG file may cause the error messages similar to the following ones:

In case of JPEG file header corruption, it is quite difficult to repair and restore the file. JPEG header actually contains some very significant data, which is required for decoding the scan part of a JPEG file. There are very high chances of corruption to the JPEG file header and it leads to severe data loss.


There are many possible reasons for JPEG file header corruption. These reasons include:

When it happens, you need to quickly find out an easy and fast JPEG repair solution.


In order to work around this problem and repair corrupt JPEG file, you need to go through the following steps:

The commercial tools are particularly designed to extract corrupted images from all types of storage media. Such tools work in practically every corruption scenario and restore image without modifying its size, resolution, and other parts.

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